We use colour to guide people and aid communication.

We do not:

  • rely on colour alone to convey meaning — consider people who are colour blind
  • use colour just for decoration — we apply it only when it’s helpful to the user
  • use blue text for anything other than links

We’re developing further guidance on using colour along with a secondary colour palette. We’ll update this page when it’s ready.

If you have a question about colour, contact

Brand blue

Our brand blue should only be used for the logo. Do not use it as text or as a background colour. It has poor contrast and can be difficult for those with low vision to read on screen — we design for everyone.

Stylised text used in logos is exempt from colour contrast requirements.


Use only for the Co-op logo.



Text colour

Our recommended text colours meet WCAG 2.0 web accessibility standards for text and background colour combinations. You should make sure that the colour contrast on body text is 4.5:1 (AAA) and 3:1 (AA) on large text (24px).

If you are unsure about any of the colours you are using, there are some good tools you can use to check them:

Using a colour contrast checker is never a substitute for testing with real people, of all abilities.


Use for all main content copy.

Page colours

Only use white as a background colour.


Main background colour for pages.

Border colours


Use for borders.


Use for borders.

Button colours


Primary button colour.


Primary button hover.



Button colour.


Button hover.


Find out how we design buttons.


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